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Birds, Moths & Other Wildlife sightings for 2021 Qtr 3 up to 30 Sep (April 19, 2022, 04:39:19 AM) quote  
2021 Bird List - first reported date.
Great Crested Grebe (1st Jan 2021), Little Grebe (1st Jan 2021), Cormorant (1st Jan 2021), Bittern (Not yet recorded in 2021), Grey Heron (1st Jan 2021), White Stork (Not yet recorded in 2021), Little Egret (28th Jan 2021), Great White Egret (3rd Jun 2021), Mute Swan (26th Feb 2021), Black Swan (Not yet recorded in 2021), Greylag Goose (1st Jan 2021), Canada Goose (1st Jan 2021), Barnacle Goose (28th Jan 2021), Egyptian Goose (1st Jan 2021), Shelduck (28th Feb 2021), Mandarin (Not yet recorded in 2021), Wigeon (1st Jan 2021), Goosander (Not yet recorded in 2021), Pintail (Not yet recorded in 2021), Teal (1st Jan 2021), Gadwall (1st Jan 2021), Garganey (Not yet recorded in 2021), Mallard (1st Jan 2021), Shoveler (1st Jan 2021), Pochard (1st Jan 2021), Red-crested Pochard (1st Jan 2021), Tufted Duck (1st Jan 2021), Goldeneye (25th Apr 2021), Red Kite (1st Jan 2021), Sparrowhawk (5th Jan 2021), Buzzard (1st Jan 2021), Kestrel (29th Mar 2021), Hobby (4th May 2021), Peregrine Falcon (Not yet recorded in 2021), Osprey (Not yet recorded in 2021), Pheasant (4th Jan 2021), Water Rail (1st Jan 2021), Moorhen (1st Jan 2021), Coot (1st Jan 2021), Oystercatcher (27th Jan 2021), Little Ringed Plover (Not yet recorded in 2021), Golden Plover (Not yet recorded in 2021), Lapwing (1st Jan 2021), Ruff (Not yet recorded in 2021), Snipe (14th Jan 2021), Jack Snipe (Not yet recorded in 2021), Redshank (Not yet recorded in 2021), Greenshank (Not yet recorded in 2021), Green Sandpiper (18th Mar 2021), Common Sandpiper (Not yet recorded in 2021), Mediterranean Gull (Not yet recorded in 2021), Common Gull (5th Jan 2021), Black-headed Gull (1st Jan 2021), Herring Gull (1st Jan 2021), Lesser Black-backed Gull (23rd Apr 2021), Greater Black-backed Gull (Not yet recorded in 2021), Common Tern (6th May 2021), Arctic Tern (Not yet recorded in 2021), Stock Dove (1st Jan 2021), Collared Dove (27th Apr 2021), Woodpigeon (1st Jan 2021), Feral Pigeon (Feral Rock Dove) (1st Jan 2021), Ring-necked Parakeet (1st Jan 2021), Cuckoo (18th May 2021), Barn Owl (Not yet recorded in 2021), Tawny Owl (29th May 2021), Swift (21st Apr 2021), Kingfisher (1st Jan 2021), Green Woodpecker (1st Jan 2021), Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st Jan 2021), Lesser Spotted Woodpecker (Not yet recorded in 2021), Swallow (29th Apr 2021), House Martin (4th May 2021), Sand Martin (21st Mar 2021), Meadow Pipit (Not yet recorded in 2021), Yellow Wagtail (27th Apr 2021), Grey Wagtail (4th Jul 2021), Pied Wagtail (29th Jan 2021), Wren (17th May 2021), Dunnock (1st Jan 2021), Robin (1st Jan 2021), Blackbird (1st Jan 2021), Fieldfare (10th Jan 2021), Song Thrush (17th May 2021), Redwing (1st Jan 2021), Mistle Thrush (19th Jan 2021), Cetti's Warbler (6th Feb 2021), Sedge Warbler (10th May 2021), Reed Warbler (27th Apr 2021), Garden Warbler (6th May 2021), Whitethroat (Not yet recorded in 2021), Lesser Whitethroat (Not yet recorded in 2021), Blackcap (1st Apr 2021), Chiffchaff (21st Jan 2021), Willow Warbler (17th May 2021), Goldcrest (17th May 2021), Firecrest (10th Jan 2021), Spotted Flycatcher (Not yet recorded in 2021), Stonechat (Not yet recorded in 2021), Long-tailed Tit (1st Jan 2021), Coal Tit (Not yet recorded in 2021), Blue Tit (1st Jan 2021), Great Tit (1st Jan 2021), Nuthatch (1st Jan 2021), Treecreeper (14th Jan 2021), Magpie (1st Jan 2021), Jackdaw (1st Jan 2021), Rook (Not yet recorded in 2021), Carrion Crow (1st Jan 2021), Raven (1st Jan 2021), Jay (1st Jan 2021), Starling (1st Jan 2021), House Sparrow (Not yet recorded in 2021), Chaffinch (17th May 2021), Brambling (Not yet recorded in 2021), Greenfinch (6th Feb 2021), Goldfinch (1st Jan 2021), Siskin (1st Jan 2021), Bullfinch (2nd Mar 2021), Hawfinch (Not yet recorded in 2021) and Reed Bunting (22nd May 2021).

Sep 1st – Sep 30th 2021 (LF = Lynsters Farm)
Kingfisher (1st (m), 2nd – 3rd , 4th (adult and juv), 5th , 9th , 11th - 13th , 16th , 17th (2), 18th – 21st , 22nd (2), 23rd , 24th (2), 25th & 27th – 29th Sep), Little Grebe (1st – 2nd, 3rd (Adult & chick), 11th , 22nd & 28th – 29th Sep), Green Sandpiper (2nd Sep), Robin (2nd , 9th , 11th , 17th , 20th – 22nd & 28th – 29th Sep), Mute Swan (2nd – 3rd , 9th , 16th & 20th Sep), Chaffinch (2nd & 7th Sep), Goldfinch (2nd , 4th , 12th , 16th & 20th Sep), Blue Tit (2nd , 4th , 7th & 12th Sep), Dunnock (2nd - 3rd , 7th , 11th – 12th , 16th - 17th , 20th – 22nd & 28th Sep), Coot (3rd , 7th , 12th (young one) , 17th , 21st – 22nd & 30th Sep), Wren (3rd & 17th Sep), Grey Wagtail (3rd , 8th (2), 16th & 20th – 21st Sep), Cetti’s Warbler (3rd – 4th (heard), 9th (heard), 11th – 13th (heard), 17th (2 heard) & 25th (calling) Sep), Teal (3rd (1) , 7th (1), 9th (1) & 11th (1) Sep), Chiffchaff (5th , 7th , 13th (2) & 17th (2) Sep), Moorhen (7th , 12th – 13th , 17th & 22nd Sep), Nuthatch (7th & 17th Sep), Shoveler (9th (2) & 27th – 28th Sep), Little Egret (9th (1), 22nd (1) & 28th Sep), Water Rail (9th (heard) Sep), Magpie (9th & 17th Sep), Tufted Duck (11th (young) Sep), Reed Warbler (12th (2) Sep), Hobby (13th (1) Sep), Great Tit (12th & 22nd Sep), Ring-necked Parakeet (12th & 16th - 17th Sep), Great Crested Grebe (17th Sep), Jay (20th - 22nd & 28th – 29th Sep), Mallard (22nd Sep), Great Spotted Woodpecker (22nd (f) Sep), Grey Heron (22nd & 28th Sep), Red Kite (27th Sep) and Jackdaw (27th Sep).

Red Admiral (2nd – 3rd , 7th (1) & 16th (2) Sep), Speckled Wood (2nd – 3rd & 11th (c8) Sep), Brimstone (3rd (1) Sep), Green-veined White (5th & 12th (1) Sep), Comma (7th (1), 11th (1) & 16th – 17th (2) Sep), Peacock (7th (1) Sep), Small White (11th Sep), Large White (12th (1) Sep) and Small Tortoiseshell (17th (1) Sep).

Dingy Footman (3rd, 11th (1) & 13th (1) Sep), Light Emerald (3rd Sep), Green Carpet (7th & 9th Sep), Snout (11th – 12th & 17th Sep), Common Wainscot (12th Sep), Flounced Rustic (13th Sep) and Dingy Skipper (17th Sep).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 10 Sep 2021. 288 moths of 50 species were recorded from the reserve.. The highlight was the reserve’s second Clifden Nonpareil. Unfortunately, it was making its way out of he trap as I arrived and took to the skies before I could get a photo. The rest of the catch had a very autumnal feel about it, with brown and yellow species to the fore. Centre-barred Sallow, Agonopterix alstromeriana, Sallow and Epinotia tenerana were all new for the year.

11th Sep 2021 – Simon Buckingham posted confirmation from the county moth recorder of identifications on three micro moths he recently trapped at the reserve (all trapped by the woodshed).
Caloptilia robustella – New Oak Slender (trapped 31/7/21)
Dichrorampha acuminatana – Sharp-winged Drill (trapped 4/8/21)
Cnephasia genitalana – Dover Shade (trapped 21/8/21)
All are new species for the reserve.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 11 Sep 2021. 195 moths of 37 species from the reserve. There were the first signs of numbers and diversity of moths falling as we head into autumn and overnight temperatures fall away. No new moths last night

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 17 Sep 2021. As we move into autumn, the cooler nights trigger a drop off in numbers and diversity of moths. Just 35 moths of 16 species from the reserve. I’ll need to dust my binoculars off and get out birding!

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 18 Sep 2021. 68 moths of 27 species from the reserve. Cypress Pug (Eupithecia phoeniceata) was new for the reserve list, whilst Small Blood-vein was new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 24 Sep 2021. Fifty plus very angry wasps made emptying the traps an unpleasant experience and I counted myself fortunate to only have been stung once. Otherwise it was fairly standard fare on the moth front with 69 individuals of 24 species being recorded. Deep-brown Dart, Lunar Underwing and Acleris sparsana – Ashy Button were new for the year and a Lesser Stag Beetle was good to see.

Emperor (2nd - 3rd & 5th Sep), Brown Hawker (2nd - 3rd Sep), Migrant or Southern Hawker (2nd Sep), Willow Emerald (2nd - 3rd , 7th , 17th & 21st Sep), Blue-tailed Damselfly (2nd – 3rd & 7th Sep), Common Darter (2nd - 3rd , 7th (ovipositing), 9th , 12th & 16th (3) Sep), Ruddy Darter (2nd (pair) & 3rd (ovipositing) Sep), Migrant Hawker (3rd (mating), 7th (lots), 12th (f), 16th (2), 17th – 18th , 20TH - 21st & 25th (2) Sep), Common Blue Damselfly (3rd , 7th , 12th , 17th & 21st Sep) and Southern Hawker (7th Sep).

Mint Beetle (4th (2) Sep), Green Shieldbug (4th Sep), Ruby-tailed Wasp (2nd Sep), Speckled Bush Cricket (11th Sep), Beetle sp (Cryptopleurum subtile) (11th (new to ML Species List), Leafhopper Bug sp (Alebra albostriatella) (11th Sep), Picture-winged Fly sp (Tephritis bardanae) (11th Sep), Lacewing sp (Micromus paganus) (11th (new to the ML Species List) Sep), Hawthorn Shieldbug (16th Sep), Water Boatman sp (20th (caught by Kingfisher) Sep), Bee sp (22nd (nest in tree hole near Sluice Hide) Sep) and Lesser Stag Beetle (24th Sep).

Spider sp Tetragnatha striata (3rd (eggsacs – likely sp new to ML Species List) Sep) and Wasp Spider (30th (egg case) Sep).

Great Pond Snail (Lymnaea stagnalis) (4th (New to ML Species List) Sep) and Water Measurer (18th Sep).

Grey Squirrel (2nd – 4th, 7th, 9th, 16th - 17th , 20th , 22nd & 28th – 29th Sep), Brown Rat (2nd – 4th , 7th (3 on Clubhouse stump), 12th (in feeder), 16th , 17th (2 in feeder), 18th , 20th , 21st (3), 22nd (4), 28th - 30th Sep), Rabbit (3rd - 4th Sep), Common Shrew (2nd Sep) and Harvest Mouse (30th (2 empty nests) Sep).

Grass Snake (7th (swimming) & 21st Sep) and Common Frog (11th & 18th Sep).

Southern Bracket (9th Sep).

Rowan Tree (9th (lots of berries) Sep).

Aug 1st – Aug 30th 2021 (LF = Lynsters Farm)
Great Spotted Woodpecker (1st – 2nd (m) , 9th – 10th (m), 17th (juv male) & 22nd (f) Aug), Stock Dove (1st (1) Aug), Reed Warbler (2nd (adult and 3-4 chicks in nest) & 3rd (adult with damselfly in beak) Aug), Moorhen (2nd (chick on land), 6th (juv), 17th & 22nd Aug), Chaffinch (2nd (f) , 23rd & 31st (m with very bad leg lesions) Aug), Nuthatch (2nd – 3rd Aug), Jay (2nd (young), 3rd (adult), 6th (juv), 9th – 10th , 14th & 23rd Aug), Mute Swan (2nd (pair), 3rd (1), 6th (1), 17th (1), 22nd (1) , 24th (2) & 29th (2) Aug), Blue Tit (2nd – 3rd (young) & 23rd Aug), Robin (3rd (adult and 1 youngster), 6th (juv), 9th (adult), 21st - 24th & 29th - 30th Aug), Little Grebe (3rd (juv), 5th (2), 9th , 17th , 21st (adult), 23rd – 24th, & 25th (small chick, suggesting a late breeding) Aug), Magpie (6th & 30th Aug), Shoveler (5th (12) & 13th (f) Aug), Great Crested Grebe (5th (juv), 21st – 22nd (adult) & 30th Aug), Little Egret (6th (1), 17th (1), 19th & 26th Aug), Kingfisher (12th , 15th , 21st (m&f), 22nd (m), 23rd (regurgitating pellet), 25th (with fish), 26th - 28th & 29th (with young frog in beak) Aug), Water Rail (14th (2 screaming across from island opposite Teal Hide) Aug), Tufted Duck (14th (f & 5 ducklings), 17th (f with 3 ducklings), 21st (f and 1 young), 22nd – 23rd (f) & 24th (f & duckling) Aug), Green Sandpiper (15th - 16th & 18th Aug), Sparrowhawk (17th Aug), Coot (17th & 29th Aug), Wren (17th Aug), Goldfinch (22nd & 30th Aug), Mallard (22nd Aug), Great Tit (23rd - 24th Aug) and Cetti’s Warbler (28th (1 heard) Aug).

Mint Beetle (2nd (couple) Aug), Mottled Thistle Fly (Xyphosia miliaria) (4th (new to the ML Species List) Aug), Speckled Bush Cricket (5th (immature) & 9th (2m) Aug), Yellow and Black Longhorn Beetle (Rutpela maculate) (6th Aug), Tree Damsel Bug (Himacerus apterus) (6th Aug), Hornet Mimic Hoverfly (Volucella zonaria) (6th & 21st Aug), Cranefly sp (Nephrotoma flavipalpis) – a Tiger Cranefly (11th (new to the ML Species List) Aug), German Wasp (Vespula germanica) (11th Aug), Hoverfly (Rhingia campestris) – Common Snout Hoverfly (14th Aug), Green Shieldbug (14th & 25th Aug), Harlequin Ladybird (14th Aug), Honey Bee (14th Aug), Tree Damsel Bug (14th Aug), Hornet (20th Aug), Leafhopper Bug sp (Metidiocerus rutilans) (20th Aug), Limonid Cranefly sp (Eloeophila submarmorata) (20th (new to the ML Species List) Aug), Looped Flutter Fly (Palloptera muliebris) - A Picture-winged Fly (23rd Aug), Stretched-foot Fly sp (Tanypeza longimana) (23rd (new to the ML Species List) Aug) and Black Clock Beetle (Pterostichus madidus) (29th (likely) Aug).

Walnut Orb Weaver spider (Nuctenea umbratica) (14th Aug), Garden Orb (14th Aug) and Harvestman (14th Aug).

Red Admiral (2nd (5+), 5th (1), 19th & 26th Aug), Peacock (2nd, 5th (12), 6th, 19th & 26th Aug), Comma (2nd, 5th (2), 19th & 27th (torpid) Aug), Green-veined White (2nd & 28th Aug), Brimstone (2nd (1 female) & 28th (m) Aug), Gatekeeper (2nd (1) Aug), Small White (3rd & 28th Aug) and Speckled Wood (9th , 19th & 28th (c6) Aug).

Willow Beauty (2nd Aug), Dingy Footman (6th (4), 9th (7), 17th , 19th (3) & 29th (1) Aug), Plume (6th (1) & 29th (2 White) Aug), Pale Prominent (9th Aug), Pebble Hook-tip (13th Aug), Red Underwing (13th Aug), Black Arches (19th Aug), Green Carpet (27th Aug), Grey Dagger (28th (caterpillar) Aug), Garden Tiger (28th (caterpillar) Aug), Brimstone Moth (29th Aug), Mother-of-Pearl (29th (2) Aug), Light Emerald (29th (1 dead) Aug) and Copper Underwing (29th (dead) Aug).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 3 Aug 2021. 204 moths of 68 species from the reserve. Four Rosy Footman (Miltochrista miniata) were the highlight. A new species for the reserve.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 6 Aug 2021. The less than ideal trapping conditions still yielded 160 moths of 51 species. Although there were no new species, the trap at the Double-decker hide produced some reedbed specialists in Brown-veined Wainscot, Bulrush Wainscot and Calamotropha paludella. Yesterday evening’s Red Underwing was my first record of the species from the reserve, although there are records since 1984. This is the 590th species of moth I’ve recorded on the reserve. Rosy Rustic, Spilonota ocellana, Ear Moth agg and Elophila nymphaeata were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 10 Aug 2021. 321 moths of 81 species from the reserve. Nothing new, but Least Yellow Underwing, Pyralis farinalis, Beautiful China-mark (Nymphula nitidulata = Nymphula stagnata), Dark Sword-grass, Argyresthia semifusca and Roeslerstammia erxlebella were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 11 Aug 2021. Better trapping conditions yielded 547 moths of 82 species from the reserve. Rosy Footman put in another appearance, while Emmelina monodactyla, Mompha propinquella, Catoptria falsella, Flounced Rustic and Bordered Beauty were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 12 Aug 2021. 398 moths of 80 species from the reserve. Tawny-barred Angle (Macaria liturata) was a new moth for me from the reserve although I note that there is an old record (1987). Dusky Sallow, Clouded Minor, Oak Processionary Moth, Acleris variegana, Pyrausta aurata, Copper Underwing and Bucculatrix bechsteinella were all new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 14 Aug 2021. One trap in the Village and one in the reedbed yielded 481 moths of 76 species. Hoary Footman (Eilema caniola) (Village trap) was new for the reserve and Orange Swift was new for the year. Update 29th Sep 2021 - I’ve just had notification from the county moth recorder that a micro moth that I trapped at the reserve on 14th August was Anarsia innoxiella – Acer Sober, a new moth for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 20 Aug 2021. Four traps were deployed at the reserve, two in the Village and two at the Reedbed. A total of 858 moths of 99 species were recorded. The Reedbed came up trumps with Small Ranunculus (Hecatera dysodea), Crescent (Helotropha leucostigma) and micro moth Cydia amplana - Vagrant Piercer (all new for the reserve) appearing from the traps.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 21 Aug 2021. A downpour at dawn made emptying the traps a bit of a (damp) challenge, but 316 moths of 68 species were recorded. Nothing new, but a couple of interesting micro moths are off to the county moth recorder for further inspection.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 27 Aug 2021. With an autumnal feel to the weather, it was no surprise to find fewer moths in the traps at the reserve. Just 98 moths of 39 species were recorded as well as the hoverflies Helophilus pendulus and Eristalis pertinax.

Brown Hawker (2nd , 9th (several), 18th – 19th & 28th – 29th Aug), Emperor Dragonfly (2nd (females ovipositing), 19th , 21st & 30th Aug), Ruddy Darter (2nd , 13th , 15th – 16th , 19th & 28th – 29th Aug), Common Blue Damselfly (2nd , 6th , 9th , 19th & 29th Aug), Blue-tailed Damselfly (2nd , 6th , 19th & 29th Aug), Red-eyed Damselfly (2nd , 10th , 16th (ovipositing), 19th & 30th Aug), Willow Emerald Damselfly (4th (mating pr), 5th - 6th , 18th (2) , 19th (1), 22nd, 26th & 28th Aug), Migrant Hawker (9th (2), 17th – 19th & 28th – 29th Aug) and Common Darter (9th , 18th – 19th , 28th (several tandems ovipositing) & 29th Aug).

Muntjac (1st Aug), Grey Squirrel (6th , 9th & 22nd Aug), Brown Rat (10th , 17th (3 young), 21st (in feeder), 22nd , 24th, 28th (9 in and around feeders) & 30th Aug), Soprano Pipistrelle (15th (lots detected) Aug), Common Pipistrelle (15th (some detected) Aug), Daubentons (15th (detected near the Clubhouse) Aug), Nathusius (15th (1 detected near the T-junction) Aug), Bat sp (19th (droppings under Bat Box 9a and Maternity box next to it) Aug) and Red Fox (29th Aug).

Orange Balsam (12th (pulled) Aug), Ragwort (14th (pulled from Barn Owl Meadow) Aug), Yellow Rattle (Rhinanthus minor) (14th Aug), Fen Nettle (aka Stingless Nettle) (Urtica dioica subsp. galeopsifolia) (14th Aug) and Hemp Agrimony (14th Aug).

Slime-mold (Coremiella cubispora) (15th (new to the ML Species List) Aug) and Slime-mold (Tubulifera arachnoidea) formerly Tubifera ferruginosa - Red Raspberry (23rd Aug).

Smooth Newt (28th (5 babies) Aug).

Jul 1st – Jul 31st 2021 (LF = Lynsters Farm)
Chiffchaff (1st (seen and heard) Jul), Little Egret (1st (1), 6th (4), 12th, 14th, 16th (2), 19th – 20th , 23rd (1) & 29th (1) Jul), Grey Heron (1st (3), 6th & 12th Jul), Cuckoo (1st (heard), 4th (heard) & 10th (heard briefly) Jul), Blackbird (1st Jul), Robin (1st , 12th , 21st (on feeder) & 31st Jul), Black-headed Gull (1st (several on rafts, plus some young), 12th , 21st & 25th Jul), Jackdaw (1st-2nd Jul), Common Tern (1st-2nd (1) & 12th Jul), Tufted Duck (1st , 2nd (f with 6 ducklings), 4th (f with 1 duckling and another with 3 ducklings), 6th (f with 3 chicks), 10th (a few broods), 12th & 21st (female with 6 ducklings) Jul), Little Grebe (1st (2), 2nd (adult with 3 youngsters), 5th , 6th (adult and 2 young), 10th (2 fighting), 12th, 16th, 19th , 21st (adult with 1 young), 26th , 27th (adult with 1 young) & 29th Jul), Great Created Grebe (2nd & 16th (with 2 chicks) Jul), Coot (1st – 2nd , 6th , 11th (adult with chick), 12th , 21st & 24th (adult and juv) Jul), Moorhen (1st-2nd , 8th (young), 12th , 21st (adult and 2 juvs), 24th (with 3 fresh chicks) & 25th Jul), Grey Wagtail (4th Jul), Mallard (5th , 12th , 20th (2) & 21st (10+) Jul), Woodpigeon (4th (on nest in Everglades) & 12th Jul), Cormorant (5th , 12th & 21st (1) Jul), Green Sandpiper (5th (young perhaps) & 27th Jul), Great Spotted Woodpecker (5th , 6th (Adult (m) & juv), 8th (m), 25th – 26th (m), 28th (m) & 31st Jul), Blue Tit (6th (juvs), 12th , 21st (1) & 31st Jul), Great Tit (6th (juvs), 12th & 21st (3) Jul), Chaffinch (6th , 12th & 21st (m) Jul), Nuthatch (6th , 21st (on feeder), 26th & 31st Jul), Teal (6th (m going into eclipse) Jul), Swift (6th (several overhead) & 10th (overhead) Jul), Treecreeper (6th (calling by Teal Hide) & 11th Jul), Greenfinch (6th (wheezing away (normal sound) by cricket pitch) Jul), Red-crested Pochard (7th (m in eclipse) Jul), Canada Goose (10th (family), 12th , 16th (moulting adult, plus goslings) & 21st (damaged wing) Jul), Reed Warbler (10th – 11th (sitting on nest), 12th , 13th (nest only), 21st (heard), 24th (still sitting) & 26th – 27th (feeding young) Jul), Shoveler (10th (2, possibly young) & 12th Jul), Kingfisher (10th , 14th (from Clubhouse Hide) & 23rd Jul), Mute Swan (12th Jul), Gadwall (12th Jul), Crow (12th Jul), Magpie (12th , 14th & 21st Jul), Blackcap (12th), Dunnock (21st Jul), Lapwing (24th (2) & 27th (1) Jul), Water Rail (25th Jul) and R-N Parakeet (25th (2 on feeder) Jul).

Meadow Brown (1st (2) Jul), Red Admiral (1st, 3rd - 4th , 16th , 21st (2) & 26th Jul), Ringlet (1st, 3rd & 6th Jul), Gatekeeper (4th , 6th & 8th (2) Jul), Green-veined White (5th (2), 11th (a few) & 21st (1) Jul), Brimstone (5th (f) & 6th (larva) Jul), Peacock (6th (another group of larvae) & 26th Jul), Comma (8th (3) , 11th (1), 21st (4) & 26th Jul), Small White (21st & 26th Jul) and Speckled Wood (26th Jul).

Cinnabar Moth (1st (50+ caterpillars) Jul), Snout (2nd Jul), Barred Straw (2nd Jul), Green Carpet (10th Jul), Riband Wave (11th Jul), Ostrinia nubilalis - European Corn-borer (13th Jul), Anania coronata - Elder Pearl (13th Jul) and Least Carpet (Idaea rusticate) (13th – 14th Jul), Large Twin-spot Carpet (Xanthorhoe quadrifasiata) (13th Jul), Pleuroptya ruralis – Mother of Pearl (13th Jul), Bordered Beauty (Epione repandaria) (13th Jul), Common Plume (13th Jul), Small Magpie (Eurrhypara hortulata) (24th Jul), Buff Ermine (24th Jul), Canary Shouldered Thorn (24th & 26th Jul), Nut-tree Tussock (24th Jul), Dingy Footman (26th (2) Jul) and Jersey Tiger Moth (30th Jul).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 3 Jul 2021. 225 moths of 72 species came from the traps at the reserve. Epiblema foenella – White-foot Bell and Pediasia contaminella – Waste Grass-veneer were both new for the reserve list.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 7 Jul 2021. 186 moths of 56 species from the reserve on Wednesday night. Nothing new, but Leopard Moth and Beautiful Golden Y were among the more attractive species that were new for the year.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 9 Jul 2021. A mild night with little wind did the trick as far as the moths were concerned. 223 moths of 83 species included five new species for the reserve. The gorse feeding micro Pempelia genistella - Gorse Knot-horn was just the third record for Herts. The other new species were Pammene fasciana - Acorn Piercer, Metzneria metzneriella - Meadow Neb, Scoparia basistrigalis - Base-lined Grey and Kent Black Arches (Meganola albula).

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 10 Jul 2021. Clearing skies before sunset adversely impacted the moth catch at the reserve. 142 moths of 50 species made it to the traps, with a new for the reserve Cypress Carpet (Thera cupressata) being the highlight.

Simon Buckingham ran traps at the reserve on 31 Jul 2021. Four traps were deployed in the vicinity of the Double-decker hide and 524 moths of 99 species were caught. Reedbed specialists put in a welcome appearance with Brown-veined Wainscot (Archanara dissoluta) being a new species for the reserve list? (There is a record dated 1996). Other reedbed species included Twin-spotted Wainscot and Bulrush Wainscot. Oak Nycteoline (Nycteola revayana) was also new for the reserve list and a further 29 species were new for the year. Many thanks to Martin Parr for organising the power supply to the hide.

Tree Snipefly (Chrysopilus laetus) (1st (new to ML Species List) Jul), Drab Wood-soldierfly (Solva marginata) (1st (new to ML Species List) Jul), (Scorpion Fly (2nd Jul), Footballer Hoverfly (2nd Jul), Marmalade Hoverfly (2nd & 6th Jul), Pond Skater (4th Jul), Thick-Legged Flower Beetle (Oedemera nobilis) also known as False Oil Beetle or Swollen-thighed Beetle. Thick-thighed or Thick-kneed to give two more - (6th (f) Jul), Sawfly sp (7th (larvae) Jul), Green Dock Beetle (7th Jul), Spotted Longhorn (Rutpela maculate) (7th & 27th Jul), Four-Banded Longhorn Beetle (Leptura Quadrifasciata, Alt. names Strangalia quadrifasciata or Rutpela quadrifasciata) (7th Jul), Dock Bug (8th Jul), Bee sp (8th (swarm along Beehive Clearing path) Jul), Mint Beetle (16th (20+ at Weasel Wall, plus 10+ at Double Decker), 21st (2) & 30th (mating) Jul), Leaf Beetle (Chrysolina polita) - Knotgrass Leaf Beetle (16TH (3) Jul), False Ladybird (Endomychus coccineus) (16th (at Weasel Wall) Jul), Lesser Stag Beetle (24th Jul), Beetle sp (Hololepta plana) – Clown Beetle (24th (new to ML Species List), Pond Snail sp (27th Jul), Slender Groundhopper (31st Jul). Snipe Fly (Chrysopilus cristatus) - Black Snipe Fly (Jul (m)), Downlooker Snipe Fly (Rhagio scolopaceus) (Jul f)) and Little Snipe Fly (Chrysopilus asiliformis) (Jul (f)).

Spiders - Larinioides sclopetarius (Bridge Spider aka Gray Cross Spider) (15th Jul), Xysticus sp. with Enoplognatha sp.prey (24th Jul), Pardosa cf amentata (24th Jul) and Zebra Jumping Spider (Salticus scenicus) (24th Jul).

Brown Hawker (2nd & 5th , 8th (Comma Corner & Pond area), 18th (2), 21st , 24th & 26th – 27th Jul), Common Darter (4th (emerging from pond), 7th , 20th , 21st (2), 24th & 27th Jul), Ruddy or Common Darter (5th (f) Jul), Emperor Dragonfly (5th, 7th (f ovipositing), 8th , 11th (ovipositing), 21st (2m) , 26th , 27th (ovipositing on new pond) & 29th (ovipositing) Jul), Black-tailed Skimmer (5th – 6th Jul), Broad-bodied Chaser (7th (f) & 8th (m&f) Jul), Willow Emerald (8th Jul), Azure Damselfly (11th Jul), Blue-tailed Damselfly (11th , 26th – 27th & 29th – 30th Jul), Common Blue Damselfly (11th , 21st (5) & 26th – 27th Jul), Small Red-eyed Damselfly (20th (pair) Jul), Red-eyed Damselfly (24th & 27th Jul), Banded Demoiselle (26th Jul) and Ruddy Darter (26th Jul).

Brown Rat (1st (1 youngster in feeder) & 25th (2 in feeder) Jul), Grey Squirrel (5th (on feeder), 21st (2) & 31st Jul), Bat sp (16th (Fresh bat droppings under replacement box 9 on front of Double Decker) Jul) and Common Shrew (21st (near path to Rotunda) Jul).

Grass Snake (7th (swimming from the Sanctuary Hide) Jul) and Common Frog (8th (baby) Jul),

Slime-mold (Physarum album, formally P. nutans) ((new to the ML Species List) Jul), Nut Disco (Hymenoscyphus fructigenus) probably (2nd (new to the ML Species List) Jul), Collared Parachute (Marasmius rotula) (aka pinwheel mushroom, horse hair fungus and others) (Jun or Jul) and Flammulaster or Phaeomarasmius sp – uncertain id. (Jun or Jul).

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